URGENT: Man Charged With Hate Crime- Faces 5 Years In Prison For Burning Flag … Guess Which Flag It Was

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Photo via ketv.com

Photo via ketv.com


A man in Ohio has been arrested for what they are calling a ‘hate crime’ for burning a flag. It’s about time these people get in trouble for burning the U.S. Flag! But wait, it WASN’T a U.S. flag! It was a GAY PRIDE FLAG!

That’s right folks and on top of that the dude is WHITE! Double whammy there! Unbelievable!

So we have Blacks, Mexicans, Muslims and liberal Whites burning and stomping on our country’s flag and it’s not a problem. But if you burn a gay pride flag it’s a fricking hate crime?

What about the hate crimes committed against Whites in the so called ‘knock-out game’ where Blacks target Whites and savagely assault and beat the hell out of them? Those aren’t labeled hate crimes because it would be racist. This is just ridiculous.

The man’s name is  Cameron Mayfield, 23, and he has been charged with third-degree arson after police arrested him for burning a gay pride flag.

KETV – “You know, my client is going to apologize for what he did,” Mayfield’s defense attorney James Martin Davis said.

The charge carries a maximum of five years in prison.

Davis said in court the charge “trivializes what true hate crimes are.”

Davis admits his client was drinking since 1:30 a.m. before the incident.

“His uncle’s gay, he doesn’t have any animosity,” Davis said. “He’s just some kid that got drunk and it was a prank. Now all of the sudden they’re taking this.”

Last month, Davis’ client, Gregory Duncan, was convicted of a hate crime for a 2013 assault. Davis said Mayfield’s actions would have been a $100 fine if the victims were straight.

“There’s a political wind that’s blowing pretty hard these days in Omaha, [and in America] and I want to make sure that wind doesn’t blow my clients over,” Davis said.

This is what our country has come to and it’s only just begun. It makes me sick… GOD BLESS. Dean James III%AMERICAS FREEDOM FIGHTERS 

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