Real Reason For Trump’s Extended Vacay REVEALED- W.H. Being SWEEPED For Surveillance Bugs… Report

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(INTELLIHUB) — President Trump is set to leave the White House Friday on what has been called an extended “working vacation” and, interestingly, his entire staff in Washington is also planning to move out of the West Wing for a series of “renovations”.

“Work has already begun to replace the West Wing’s 27-year-old heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, a White House official told reporters Thursday. Because of the frequency of use, the HVAC system’s usage age is pegged around 84 years old,” reported The Hill.

“White House deputy press secretary Lindsay Walters told reporters that the South Portico steps on the South Lawn will also be repaired. Those steps haven’t been restored since President Dwight Eisenhower was in the White House,” The Hill report continued.

“Among the other facets of the White House that will be refurbished are the Navy mess kitchen, a restaurant in the West Wing run by the U.S. Navy, the building’s lower lobby, the information technology (IT) system and other “generic cosmetic upgrades.”

While the renovations may have been planned for months, the timing is extremely interesting, especially when you consider that General Kelly was recently named the new chief of staff.

One has to wonder whether or not the renovations are a cover for what would be a massive undertaking to essentially debug the entire White House which may have surveillance equipment held over from the previous administration.

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