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Security Officers at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi for the 2012 terrorist attack, have come forward and stated that an employee who worked directly under, “Hillary Clinton” used political pressure to silence them on the inadequate security detail at the U.S. Consulate.

Brad Owens and Jerry Torres, both employees of, Torres of Advanced Enterprise Solutions, came forward Tuesday evening and said they were told they were not allowed to talk about the U.S. government and Clinton’s denials to improve security, Fox News reported.

They both stated that government turned away from higher priced security companies and at the last minute hired, Blue Mountain Group, which entered a bid that was only 4% lower than the Torres bid.

“Blue Mountain is a U.K. teeny, tiny little security company registered in Wales that had never had a diplomatic security contract before.  Nor had they ever performed any high threat contracts anywhere else in the world, as far as we can find, much less in high threat areas for the U.S. government.  They only had a few guys on the ground.” ~ Security Contractor Brad Owens

Both security contractors openly stated that Blue Mountain hired unarmed guards and went through a third company to even do that.

After an enormous amount of emails and phone calls from the consulates office, the government finally admitted that security was substandard and they asked Torres to clean it up.

Torres stated it would take 3 weeks to do so, the attack came 12 days later that killed 4 Americans.

The Torres corporation stated that the men were absolutely silenced by a Senior State Official who worked closely with Hillary Clinton.

“Those who made poor choices that actually, I would say, were more responsible for the Benghazi attacks than anyone else, they’re still in the same positions, making security choices for our embassies overseas now.” ~ Security Contractor Brad Owens

Rice has denied any foul play and defended her requests of Trump officials as routine. She was also responsible for advocating that an anti-Islam YouTube video was responsible for the Benghazi attack.

But Tanto says he is “mad as hell,” and hopes House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) can find the truth.

“I know he’s a good man, I know he’s going to try and do his job there best he can. Will he be block by some of the Democrats and Representative Adam Schiff? Sure he will. But do the right thing. Set an example. And, this sets an example and precedence for other politicians to not continue to lie,” Tanto said.

“Pathological or not, she continues to lie. There needs to be some repercussions. The people in D.C., and these last three years with me dealing with this Benghazi issue, I’ve seen that a lot of them think they are untouchable,” Tanto said during an interview on the Fox Business Network. “Trump has really been given the opportunity to show, or set an example and show that these people are not untouchable.”

It is high time that Clinton and her pathetic followers are held accountable and detained and charged with the crimes they have committed.

Never forget Benghazi and those hero’s that fell that day, nor those who failed them.

Rest in peace brothers.

God Bless.

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