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As the House Intelligence Committee considers the possibility of a contempt resolution against the FBI, the Justice Department is in the process of handing over anti-Trump text messages sent from a key FBI counterintelligence agent named Peter Strzok.

Strzok was part of Mueller’s Russian probe before Mueller reassigned him to the FBI’s HR department. The anti-Trump texts were sent by Strzok to Lisa Page. Page is an FBI lawyer with whom Strzok was once romantically involved and also part of Mueller’s Russia team at the time the texts were sent. She has since returned to the FBI.

Rep. Devin Nunes (CA-R) was infuriated by the existence of the texts giving the FBI until the “close of business” on Monday to “fully” comply with the panel’s demands that the texts be turned over to the House Intelligence Committee.  They refused to comply.  As a result of this failure and that of other failures from the FBI to comply with similar demands for information and documentation, Nunes is leading the charge amongst House committee Republicans to file a contempt resolution against top DOJ and FBI officials.

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The contempt of Congress resolution will include Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray, among others. Strzok is considered to be the focus of their efforts as House investigators consider him a key figure in the infamous anti-Trump dossier and the subsequent launching of the counterintelligence investigation into the supposed Russian meddling by the Trump campaign in the 2016 Presidential election.  An investigation we know understand was launched based on false pretenses eventually coming to encompass FISA surveillance of Trump campaign associates and the unmasking of certain individuals further compromising national security.

Nunes’ subpoena sought documents and witnesses from the DOJ and FBI in an effort to determine what role the dossier played in the direction of the surveillance. Strzok briefed the committee on December 5, 2016, however, shortly afterward House Committee investigators were contacted by an informant.  The informant let the investigators know of the existence of documentary evidence that Strzok was purposefully obstructing the House probe into the dossier.

After that information was presented Nunes then personally went to Rosenstein to oversee the probe into Russian election interference demanding that Strzok be made available for questioning. Rosenstein has led the investigation since Attorney General Jeff Sessions chose to recuse himself from the investigation. After a month and three subpoenas for various witnesses and documents, House investigators formally brought to Nunes the recommendation that the DOJ and the FBI be held in contempt of Congress for their failures to comply.

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