BREAKING: California Republicans FINALLY Fight Back Against LIBERAL LUNATICS

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California is desperately attempting to become the nation’s first sanctuary state. As you know, the Golden State has been destroyed by democrats. It’s completely out of control. 

But, believe it or not Cali has a hell of a lot of Conservatives that are doing their best to combat this disease known as liberalism.

Republican politicians are fighting back on this sanctuary city garbage and are introducing legislation of their own.

“California’s Democrat politicians have been promoting a policy of sheltering criminals in our state who are in here illegally. Californians don’t want criminals who are here illegally to be sheltered in their communities,” California Assemblyman Travis Allen, R-Huntington Beach said.

 at Fox News breaks the proposed bill down:

Allen’s bill did three things.

First, it stopped state funds from going to any jurisdiction that claims to be a sanctuary or has sanctuary policies in place.

Secondly, it mandated state law enforcement to cooperate directly with federal immigration officials.

Third, it prohibited the use of tax money to defend criminal aliens.

This makes perfect sense. Who could argue with this?

Liberals, that’s who.

Allen unveiled the bill alongside Agnes Gibboney, whose son Ronald da Silva was fatally shot by a previously deported illegal immigrant in 2002.

“I don’t want another family member to live the hell, with pain and suffering that I live with every day,” Gibboney said.  “There was no second chance for my son.  Where is his sanctuary city?   Where was his protection?”

Allen’s bill countered SB 54, which prohibits local law enforcement from communicating with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials in almost all cases. The only exception involved  is convicted violent felons. Allen believes that’s troublesome because that means everyone else — including those deported in the past, those convicted of prior or multiple misdemeanors, and those who plead guilty to lesser offenses — would be protected.

“We’re not talking about someone’s grandmother sitting at home,” Allen said.  “Child abusers, drug abusers, stalkers, people guilty of sexual battery. These are serious, serious criminals and we shouldn’t we be using state funds to protect those criminals in our communities.”

Allen is spot on. And anyone with any commonsense would see this.

However, it doesn’t look good.

While we applaud the efforts of the Republicans in Commiefornia, unfortunately it seems as if their efforts will fall far too short.


God Bless.

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