What TRUMP Has Planned NEXT Will Take Him ALL THE WAY To The White House, Hillary PANICKING

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Donald Trump is building a coalition from all walks of life, based on putting Americans first.

“We are going to bring jobs, opportunity and hope to every community in this nation,” the Republican nominee told voters in Tampa, Fla., on Wednesday.

Trump, who met with Hispanic leaders in New York last weekend, is boldly addressing the way in which leftist policies are hurting the black community and is expected to hit the campaign trail in predominantly African-American areas over the next few weeks.

He is also scheduled to speak before an estimated 25,000 to 30,000 Indian Americans at the “Humanity United Against Terror” event in New Jersey.

Shalabh Shally Kumar, a Hindu-American industrialist who has emerged as one of Donald Trump’s biggest financial backers, are hosting Trump at the event.

Kumar and his family have donated $1.1M towards the Trump campaign and says his support for Trump proves the real estate mogul is not a racist.

Shalli Kumar says there are believes there are approximately 4 million Indian Americans that should be natural allies of the Republican Party.

Hindus being tortured in Bangladesh by radical Islamic extremists will receive the proceeds raised at the event.

More from Diya TV USA :

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has agreed to deliver remarks at a charity event next month hosted by the Republican Hindu Coalition, sending a clear message he’s looking to expand outreach to minority voting blocs.

“It’s Trump being Trump,” said Indian-American business person and co-founder of the RHC, Shalli Kumar. “He’s just misunderstood. He is just as color, religion, race-blind as anyone could be. He’s a business person.”

In an exclusive interview with Diya TV, Kumar lauded this first of its kind event specific to Indian-Americans.

“The goal is to unite Hindu-American community with conservative values together and expand the RHC and at the time same time help the victims of terror throughout the world.”

The event, titled “Humanity United Against Terror,” will take place in Holmdel, N.J. and was personally chosen by Trump, Kumar said. It will take place just two days before the GOP presidential hopeful will meet Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on the debate stage in nearby Hempstead, N.Y. Kumar says the funds raised through ticket sales will go to victims of terror around the globe, like the Kashmiri Pundits, and not the Trump campaign.

Trump will meet with members of his campaign’s Indian American Advisory Board at the event.Bollywood stars and major Hindu spiritual leaders are also scheduled to attend. Kumar believes the four hour spectacle will attract 25,000 to 30,000 people, featuring surprises he does not want to disclose yet. The event is just one part of the effort the GOP is making to appeal to America’s most affluent and educated ethnic minority.

“When the Republican party leaders launched the Republican Hindu Coalition, they had a purpose to expand Republican outreach to India, Indian-Americans in particular along the lines of Jewish Americans,” said Kumar.

The RHC plans to raise around $10 million to support various Republican congressional candidates this cycle.

While President Obama has spent 8 years exacerbating racial division, Trump is trying to reach out to all Americans and unify us as one nation.

This is the kind of big-tent conservatism the GOP has needs.

Liberals are scared to death Trump will win in November and will do everything they can to distract, defame and lie to the public to keep people from voting for him, while Hillary Clinton breaks the law and laughs at justice.


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