JUST IN: USAA Turns Its BACK On Veterans, Makes SHOCKING Announcement About The NFL

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The USAA has been serving our nation’s veterans for decades, but their latest move has their customers quite upset.

Amid the controversy surrounding the NFL, USAA customers have been messaging and emailing the company in droves demanding it drop its sponsorship of the anti-American league as long as it allows players to do dumb things. The demands follow outrage that the league has allowed protests against our flag and our veterans to persist, and show an increasing trend among Americans wanting companies, advertisers, and other fans alike to dump the league entirely.

President Trump reignited the controversy over the weekend, and the NFL’s reaction to his comments only helped fuel the fire…against the league itself.

Dumb move.

Now, USAA customers have the company in their sights.

This isn’t the first time that USAA has been embroiled in a controversy. Several months ago, leftist activist groups attempted to get Sean Hannity taken off the air by targeting his advertisers, and USAA was one of them.

However, amid strong push back from the veterans who support Hannity and all he does, the company reversed a decision to drop their ads from his evening show on Fox News. This time around, the pressure doesn’t seem to be working.

Despite countless emails and messages from the vets who buy USAA’s products demanding it no longer associate with the NFL, the company refused to part ways with it. Keep in mind, the USAA’s sole intent it to serve veterans and their families, yet through its decision, it’s basically endorsing the behavior that’s disrespectful to both.

The most that USAA’s customers were able to get from the company is that it contacted the league to “emphasize the significance of the National Anthem & position it plays” in America.

After seeing how fast USAA caved to the left with Hannity, it’s really no surprise they’re doing the same now. However, just like people are tuning the NFL out, there’s little doubt in this reporter’s mind that USAA’s customers will be canceling their policies.

Maybe then they’ll get the hint that America is tired of the anti-American B.S. happening everywhere.

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